Notas de prensa

Las 10 principales tendencias globales de consumo para 2021(Graphic: Euromonitor International)Misinformation and injustices are causing a crisis of confidence, supporting the Restless and Rebellious trend. Consumers want the facts and expect brands to act. (Graphic: Euromonitor International)Euromonitor International?s annual report identifies the 10 most prevalent trends that will define consumer behavior in the year ahead, offering strategic business recommendations to meet new demands. (Graphic: Euromonitor International)Consumers are now both able and forced to be more creative with their time, giving rise to the Playing with Time trend. At the same time, the Shaken and Stirred trend emphasizes consumers' newfound understanding of themselves and their place in the world in pursuit of a more fulfilled and balanced life. (Graphic: Euromonitor International)