Natura and Santander join forces in order to offer exclusive banking services to over 1 million Beauty Consultants Natura and Santander join forces in order to offer exclusive banking services to over 1 million Beauty Consultants

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SÃO PAULO, March 28, 2019

Natura Beauty Consultants will now have access to an account free of maintenance charges as well as a digital microcredit line and card terminal

SÃO PAULO, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Natura, in partnership with Santander, will offer its Beauty Consultants a bank account with exclusive benefits. The initiative, part of the company's revitalisation plan and the digitalisation of its business model, will contribute towards bankarisation as well as the increase in productivity and income for its Beauty Consultants, expanding sales and consolidating loyalty by allowing them to offer a better customer experience.

The fully digital account has an embedded interface with both the website and the Natura Consultant App, allowing access to banking services such as the Natura card, withdrawals, deposits and transfers, as well as a POS (point of sale) machine for credit and debit card payments offering exclusive conditions. The proceeds from sales (made via the webpage, the Rede Natura or the card terminal) will be paid directly into the account. The balance can be used to make purchases with the Natura card, to pay bills and to make transfers.

Beauty Consultants will also be able to access microcredit directly through the App, to be used solely for the purchase of Natura products. The new service also aims to offer credit to Beauty Consultants so that they can invest in the expansion and professionalisation of their activity."This is yet another initiative to empower our Beauty Consultants, enabling them to offer better customer experience. Moreover, we are contributing to their bankarisation and social inclusion", says João Paulo Ferreira, Natura's CEO. "Our goal is to enable the Consultant to earn more, which in turn will increase our revenues. By enabling them to conduct more business transactions, it is a win win situation for all. It is also another step towards further cementing their loyalty. New services like this pave the way for an ongoing increase in Consultant productivity."

"Providing support for Natura Beauty Consultants means providing support for enterprise and financial inclusion, both fundamental needs in Brazil, where the most urgent challenge is to generate employment and income", states Sérgio Rial, president of Santander Brasil. "This partnership was only possible because we are a bank that has an integrated vision of the value chain. We are able to offer solutions both for large companies and for their suppliers, employees and partners."

To develop the project for Natura, Santander integrated customised solutions offered by three of the group's units: Superdigital, a digital payment account whose interface will be incorporated into the website used by the Beauty Consultants; SuperGet, a portable Getnet payment terminal, offering the best rates in the market, and Prospera Santander Microcrédito, the biggest and most efficient private guided production microcredit programme in the country. The process will be 100% digital, and Beauty Consultants will not need a guarantor or support group.

Since 2016, Natura has been conducting a study to measure its Beauty Consultants' Human Development Index (HDI). The study identified a high need for financial education. To address this, the Natura Account card will be pay-as-you-go, that is, the Beauty Consultant can only make purchases when there is a positive balance in the account. Natura will also be offering Beauty Consultants training in finance via WhatsApp.

The Natura Account initiative will be available to the network of 1.1 million Beauty Consultants in Brazil in the first half of 2019.

About Natura

Established in 1969, Natura is a Brazilian multinational in the cosmetics and personal care segment. Market leader in direct sales in Brazil, with over 1.7 million CBeauty Consultants, Natura is part of the Natura &Co group, a corporate brand that brings together Natura, Aesop and The Body Shop, and which posted net revenues of R$ 13.4 billion in 2018. Natura was the first publicly-traded company in the world to receive a B Corp certification in December 2014, underscoring its transparent and sustainable social, environmental and economic performance. It is also the first Brazilian company to be awarded the "Leaping Bunny" certification, granted by the animal protection organisation Cruelty Free International, which certifies a company's commitment to not tests its products or ingredients on animals. It has operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the US, France, Mexico and Peru. Products bearing the Natura brand can be purchased from Natura Beauty Consultants, through Natura´s e-commerce site, the Natura App or in stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, New York, Santiago and Buenos Aires. For more information about the company, visit and its profiles on the following social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About Santander Brasil

In activity in the local market since 1982, Santander Brasil is one of the largest banks in the Brazilian financial system and the only international institution with a large scale retail banking operation. The bank has 24.2 million active clients, around 48,000 employees and a network of over 3,500 branches and service points. It operates on two major fronts in Brazil: the commercial bank, which comprises retail activities, such as services for private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, and wholesale, oriented to large companies and capital market operations. It runs the largest private guided production microcredit operation in the country, Prospera Santander Microcrédito, which has granted more than R$ 4.7 billion in loans to over 630,000 entrepreneurs. The bank is part of the Santander Group, the leading financial conglomerate in the Euro Zone, with a major presence in Latin America.

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